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CalArts grad Jose Espinosa (Music BFA 98) has played with LA favorites Ozomatli and other internationally known bands since graduation. As Espinosa, known as “Crunchy,” continued to perform and compose music on his own and with others, he was diagnosed with cancer in early 2009. Even though he was undergoing massive chemotherapy treatments he continued to play at least twice a week for several months regardless of his discomfort and pain. After a long hard fought battle Jose passed into the next life on January 5, 2011.

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A tribute provided by Andrea Espinosa describes her husband’s music and style:

“Music pulsed in Jose’s soul. He stretched and explored it and used the memories of growing up in the vibrant community of his youth to inspire his music. One way to describe Jose’s own musical compositions and arrangements, might be Afro Latin Funk spiced up with an Eastside vibe. Each of his musical explorations was original and bold and his stage presence could be characterized the same way. When he performed live, Jose was always improvising with his lyrics and instruments because he knew the crowd was different and he wanted to touch his audience as deeply as he could during each set.”


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First Star Program Performance and Q&A at UCLA | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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