The story of #ThisIsMyHome

Due to the tremendous and overdue need to achieve comprehensive immigration reform, I've teamed up with CASA in Action and DEC Artists to create a campaign which will highlight immigrant stories from across the country. We will show how the immigrant experience affects the well-being of us all. In the United States, I’ve always believed that immigrant stories are American stories and American stories are immigrant stories and it is more important than ever to have our voices heard.

CASA in Action and I aim to bring together people of all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds to say to our elected officials, “The time for immigration reform is now! I am an American and this is my home!”

#ThisIsMyHome - *A campaign created by Salvador Santana & Daniel Dart

         3. Salvador with Dolores Huerta

2. Salvador with Edward James Olmos

 1. Salvador with father Carlos Santana

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